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The New Rolex Cellini Replica All Blacks Special Edition was finally unveiled at Baselworld 2011, after a long and agonizing wait. This original Bulgari timepiece is characterized by its black color and sporty design.Blancpain Replica The Swiss watchmaker and New Zealand Rugby team worked together to create a durable, hard-wearing and stunning timepiece.

The year 1905 was a significant one for Bulgari and the Rugby National Team. The All Blacks began their first tour in 1905. The year that the watchmaker opened its first store.

The All Black, which is an offspring of 2010's Rolex Cellini Replica,Omega Deville Replica Watches is a stylish timepiece. The watch is not too big or bulky, and fits comfortably on any man's arm. The All Black Endurer brings an original appearance to the timepiece. It is for confident and successful people.

This timepiece is powered by an automatic DR1306 movement. Bulgari's All Black Endurer is a sports watch that has a chronosprint feature and is waterproof to 100 meters.

Maori TraditionThe timepiece features a stunning Maori tattoo on the dial. The main color and only colour of the watch is, of course, black. The dial is housed in a 56mm case that has been treated with Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) black.

The back of the case is made from a transparent smoked sapphire. The strap of the watch has a black rubber band with steel inserts and an ardillon buckle. Bulgari watches come in a cool leather box shaped as a rugby ball.

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